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The beach

The beach

While staying at Trelleborg Strand you have the ocean as your closest neighbour. Here you have a shiny white beach right outside the campsite, with Dalabadets pier as a beautiful accessori to the beach. From the pier you have a wheelchair-accessible ramp into the ocean. The beach and ocean invites you for beach volleyball, kitesurfing, picnics and dinner at the restaurant.   


Dogs and horses

Trelleborgs has a great dog bathing area by the Eastern Beach, only a few minutes west from Trelleborg Strand. Here you can find a dog latrine and benches for you, as well as signs for the dog bathing area. The dogs are free to swim and play here all day long.

Following rules apply to all other beaches in Trelleborg: 

Between May 1st and August 31st between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm dogs are not allowed at the beach. Dogs are allowed at the beach early mornings before 8 am and late evenings after 8 pm.  

Same rules apply for horses.

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