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Rules on Trelleborg Strand

For a successful stay

• Trelleborg Strand Camping is affiliated to the National Swedish Campsite Association (SCR).
• You must have a permanent home address and ID to be able to stay at SCR-affiliated campsites.
• Please read our Booking terms.
• Trelleborg Strand Camping is a family-campsite with a minimum age limit of 18. The age limit does not apply for families when at least on parent is staying at the campsite. During the midsummer weekend and for other special events, the age limit is 23.
• Only one car is permitted per pitch/cabin and only one equipage per pitch. The maximum speed limit on the campsite is 20 km/h – remember that there are a lot of children around! Vehicle Traffic is only permitted between the entrance and your pitch or cabin. No vehicle traffic is permitted after 23.00. In the event of a late arrival, please park outside reception and check in the next morning.
• Open fires are not permitted anywhere on the campsite. Please use a barbecue or the barbecues areas provided around the campsite when cooking outside.
• Any visitors must report to reception on arrival and are requested to park their vehicle in the parking area outside the reception.
• Swedish vehicles must, unless otherwise agreed, have a Swedish MOT, be taxed and have traffic insurance. Caravans must be registered and have passed inspection.
• Only camping equipment of normal type and size may be used. Please note, however, that you are not permitted to erect ´tent cabins´of permanent nature.
• The installation of own permanent fixtures and fittings to a tent or caravan, such as fences and protective barriers, is not permitted without special permissions. Please ask if you are in any doubt about such matters.

• For placement of the caravan, you reverse the car, so the pulley is outwards towards the street. The distance of 4 meters to the pitch boundary must be kept. These rules apply to all campsites. The four-meter rule is not covered by motor homes.
• Hydrants are located at the service building and on the campsite. Please read the Campingsite map. Custom installations are not allowed.

• Ensure that bottled gas and electrical equipment has been tested and approved in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.
• Campers are not entitled to sublease or let pitches.
• Goods and services may not be traded or sold on the campsite without permissions from the manager.
• Carriage must be registered and registered on the user of the site alternatively on the lease.

We hope that you understand the rules so all our guests have a good experience!



Welcome to Trelleborg Strand!
Ola & Anna with staff

A general rule at the campsite is to show respect and consideration for others. Disorderly or noisy behavior will not be tolerated. Driving should be kept to a minimum to avoid disturbing other campers and quests. Drive at the walking pace. The site must be quiet between the hours of 23.00 and 06.00. (Exceptions may occur at the campsite’s own events.)
• Help children to find the areas that have been set aside for playing ball games, etc. There are playing fields and playground around the campsite.
• It is not permitted to let other guests on to the campsite using someone else´s card or code. Anyone who ignores this rule will be asked to leave the site. All visitors must report to reception.
• The staff at Trelleborg Strand Camping are here to help keep the site tidy and peaceful and can help in the event of any problems. In the event of problems during the night, please call the manager on +46 414 401180. Otherwise, contact the reception at +46 410 – 301770. In the event of a crime or serious accident, please call the emergency service on 112.
• Dog owners are requested to show the greatest possible consideration to other campers and guests, and to keep dogs on a short lead, to exercise them outside of the campsite and to clean up after them.
• Please help us to keep the campsite clean and tidy. Use the rubbish bins provided around the campsite.
• Please leave the communal areas (toilets, washroom and showers rooms, kitchens and wash-up areas) as you would like to find them.
• Smoking is prohibited in all cabins and in all areas around the campsite. Pets are also not permitted in any communal area and cabins, except number 7 and 27-30 of the cabins. There is a fine of 2000:- SEK for not observing the campsites rules regarding smoking and pets.
• Departure. Unless otherwise agreed with reception, you must have cleaned and vacated your pitch or the cabin before 12:00 on the day of departure. This because we want our new guests to be able to check in as promised. If you check-out later, you get a new daily charge and there may be charge for any additional costs occasioned by the delay.
• Manager and staff are not responsible for any loss or damage to the guests property. Anyone who damages buildings, equipment or the property of other campers and quests is liable for damages in accordance with applicable rules and legislation. Any damage or thefts will be reported to the police.
• Most campers and guests do behave in a considerate manner. Staff may in exceptional cases, be forced to take action against guests who do not.

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